On October 11th, 2002 the El Dorado Peace and Justice Community wrote a
letter to the Mt. Democrat advocating "No War".


  It is rare that a group of El Dorado County Republicans, Democrats, and Greens can agree on any issue. It is rarer still that such individuals would feel so strongly about this issue that they would sign their names to a public letter; however, we the undersigned agree with the growing number of respected and knowledgeable critics who have been making a case against a U.S. war against Iraq. We believe that the consequences of such a war would be much more dangerous than the threats posed by Saddam Hussein. We speak out now because we know that such a risky venture, once started, cannot be easily stopped.

There is no question such a war will incite greater hatred toward our government and will not diminish, but rather increase, the will and numbers of terrorists bent on attacking the U.S. In this volatile region, war could easily expand beyond the borders of Iraq into a much wider regional war - to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, or Israel. If that should occur, we must consider the worst-case scenario - a chain reaction that unleashes the uncontrolled use of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons by many or all the nations that have them. It is a real possibility and it must be considered.

We do not believe that Saddam Hussein poses such a grave and imminent threat as to warrant this risk to ourselves and to our children. The justifications simply have not been given.

Here is what others have said:

"What's missing is a rationale for this preemptive military strike against a regime that, however odious, has yet to be shown to be linked to the al-Qaida network or to be planning aggressive military actions against its neighbors or the United States." Sacramento Bee editorial, August 29, 2002

"The proof is not there......This doctrine of preemptive military action is extremely dangerous." French President Jacques Chirac
''Attacking Iraq now will cause a lot of problems....The Middle East peace process has to be a higher priority.... It might be interesting to wonder why all the generals see it the same way, but all those that never fired a shot in anger are really hell bent on war" Former Marine Commander Anthony Zinni

"The costs in all areas will be much greater as well as the potential risks, both domestic and international, if we end up going it alone with only one or two countries." Former Secretary of State for George Bush Senior, James Baker

"Any campaign against Iraq is sure to divert our war on terrorism." Former National Security Advisor for George Bush Senior, Brent Scowcroft

"Any decision to attack Iraq will inflame Islamic extremism in this country and across the region. We would not want to be involved." Pakistani President General Pervez Mucharraf

“It’s a violation of the U N Charter. It’s a violation of the NATO Charter.” “If preemption as a policy takes hold,” Gardiner asked, “where does it stop?” Sam Gardiner, retired Air Force Colonel, who has taught strategy at the National War College. From the Washington Post. “New Strategy Courts Unseen Dangers”

We ask you to please join us by contacting the President and our elected representatives to voice your concerns.

President Bush 202 456 1111 president@whitehouse.gov
Senator Barbara Boxer 415 403 0100 boxer.senate.gov
Senator Dianne Feinstein 415 393 0707 feinstein.sen.gov

Join the El Dorado Peace and Justice Community on the last Monday of each month at 6-7pm at the El Dorado County Courthouse in our vigil for peace. www.edpjc.org or call 530 642 1120 or 530 622 9549 for more information. El Dorado Peace and Justice Community P O Box 543 Diamond Springs, CA 95619

1. Karen Adler, potter
2. Lisa Aikenhead
3. GG Amos
4. Stan Amos
5. George Appelbaum, attorney
6. Lynnette Appelbaum, Green Party of El Dorado County Council
7. David Ashby
8. Brian Austin
9. Chris Ann Bachtel
10. Karen Barrow, loan officer
11. Randy Barrow, attorney
12. Sue Bartholomaus, riding instructor
13. Mary Jane Battaglia, historian
14. Henry Batsel Construction
15. Bill Bertram, vineyard manager
16. Laurie Blazich, social worker
17. Bob Boggus, civil engineer
18. Peggy Boggus
19. Daniel Bolster
20. Michael Borenstien, Green Party of El Dorado County Council
21. Janet Brigantino
22. Gloria Howat Brown
23. Rich Buchanan, decorated Vietnam veteran
24. Raymond Burton, Jr.
25. Virginia Burton
26. Leslie Bush, retired
27. Richard Bush, retired
28. Jean Caldwell
29. Patrice Campana, C.M.T./artist
30. Bill Center
31. Robin Center
32. Greg Chait
33. Sean Clancy, teacher
34. Corina Bronny Cna, college student
35. Matt Colvin
36. Susan Covington
37. Sue Craig
38. David Crouthamel, small business owner
39. Elizabeth Crouthamel, artist
40. Dave Culver
41. Clifford Curtice
42. Manny De Aquino
43. Martha De Aquino
44. James Denier, J.D.
45. Mary DeReimer, small business owner
46. Phil DeReimer, small business owner
47. Betty Dilts
48. Deb Dohm, caregiver
49. Florence Duchardt, teacher
50. Ani Durst
51. Cody Dynes, student
52. Norma Echabarne, teacher
53. Jana S. Ellerman, attorney
54. Marilyn Evans, political activist
55. Nancy Feather
56. Julie Felix
57. Joaquin Fioresi, poet
58. Brian Fitzpatrick, owner, Fitzpatrick Winery & Lodge
59. Dianne Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick Winery & Lodge
60. Jeff Fletcher, owner, Gelato DeOro
61. Allan Fuller
62. Jack Fuller
63. Mary Fuller, homemaker
64. Erika Funk, Pastor El Dorado County Federated Church
65. Ken Futernick, educator
66. Joy Futernick, teacher
67. Kay Gibson
68. Chris Giorni, science instructor
69. Pam Gossoo, business owner
70. Dawn Graydon
71. Francie Greth-Peto, educator
72. William Grundmann
73. Gale Guthrie, attorney
74. Pat Gunderman, former librarian
75. Karen Guthrie, attorney
76. David Harde, business owner
77. Mae Harms
78. Kathryn Hayes
79. Andrew Headden, Pastor El Dorado County Federated Church
80. Richard Heer, small business owner
81. Norma L. Holms
82. Cathy Hook
83. Dominique Hoppe, human being
84. Alice Howard
85. Linda Howard, Green Party of El Dorado County Council
86. Virginia Hupp, tech support engineer
87. Bonnie Hyer
88. Benjamin Pizer-Jacobs
89. Keir Johnson, college student
90. Grant Jones
91. Jamie Jones
92. Howard Kastan
93. Mary Kearney
94. Jim Klotz, teacher
95. Darlene Knowles, D.C.
96. Richard Kpormegbey
97. Renee Krupp
98. Ann Kuoppamaki
99. Juha Kuoppamaki
100. Toby Landis, Ph.D.
101. Rob Lang
102. Steffanie LaZier
103. Jon Lehrman, M.D., family physician
104. Penny Lehrman, mother and registered nurse
105. Jim Likowski, motion picture sound editor
106. Irene Lipshin, teacher
107. Ruthie Loeffelbein, Green Party of El Dorado County Council
108. Roberta Long, consultant, photographer
109. George Lloyd
110. Nina Lloyd
111. Jamie Loomis, college student
112. Sauni Lund
113. Debbie Lynn, educator
114. Carmen Mack
115. Gene Mack
116. Nicki C. Marsh
117. Barbara Martin
118. Dillon Martin
119. Gary Martin
120. Jim Martin, geologist
121. Maria Martin, physical therapist
122. Gale Martinez, teacher
123. Lawrence Marvin, retired teacher
124. Muriel Marvin, retired social worker, Green Party of El Dorado County Council
125. Virginia Mason, educator
126. Willow (the individualist) May
127. Lee E. McGowan, construction inspector
128. Paula McGowan, paralegal
129. Donna Mc Master
130. Patricia Meyer, teacher
131. Kathy Miller
132. Chris Monroe, retired teacher
133. John Michael Monroe, building contractor
134. Lynn Moore, R.N, B.S.N., F.N.P.
135. Barbara Morgan
136. Sunny Nerminski, college student
137. Vince Nibler, computer programmer
138. Kay Osborn, Family Nurse Practioner
139. Dale Parker, business owner
140. Vivian Parker
141. Julia Parnell
142. Barbara Percival
143. Beatrice Pizer, Artist
144. Guy Peto, potter
145. Mary Lee Revels
146. Diane Reynolds
147. Christa Robertson, registered nurse
148. Joan Rogers
149. Ann Rush
150. John Rush
151. Llana Shaver, nurse
152. Char Salisbury
153. Amber Schildman
154. Shirley Schildman
155. Steve Schildman
156. Susan Simpkin, Psy. D., school counselor
157. Austin Smith
158. Mary Smith
159. Raven Spezza
160. Marylou Spiller
161. Walt Spiller, retired peace officer
162. Diana Stauffer, grandmother & Green Party of El Dorado County Council
163. Rudy Stauffer, small business owner
164. Ken Stemmle, MD
165. Kristi Stouffer
166. Merv Stouffer
167. Joyce Studelska, retired
168. Pete Studelska, retired
169. Brian Sutton, attorney
170. Craig Thomas
171. Tessa Thomas
172. Trevor Thomas
173. Bruce Tufts
174. Carla Turoff, registered nurse
175. Dr. David Turoff, veterinarian
176. Cheyenne Vogel
177. Rachel Vogel
178. Kathryn Vossen
179. Cecilia Trahan Waters, registered nurse
180. Rich Waters, plumbing contractor
181. Shannon Waters, college student
182. Terri R. Webster
183. Wendy West
184. Carol White
185. David White
186. Cindy Winslow